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Mixing & Mastering


Pro Tools Engineering


Music Composition Services:

2 Hour beat Session (Maschine) $20/hr

plus lease/purchase fees. $20 to Lease/$40 to purchase (prices subject to change).

Recording Services:

1 Hour Recording Session (Pro Tools) $40/hr

2 Hour Recording Session (Pro Tools) $85

3 Hour Recording Session (Pro Tools) $120

4 Hour Recording Session (Pro Tools) $175

Mixing and Mastering Services:

Mixing and mastering services $165

Off Site Pro Tools Engineering Services

Off Site Pro Tools Recording Service $100/hr

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policy notice:

Each additional hour after initial booking time, will be billed $45.00 after 10 minutes into the additional hour. In house Engineer provided. Rates are subject to change without notice. No recording tracks will be released to the client until studio sessions are paid in full.

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