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The O (Short for The Original Soul-Jah) is a Charleston native with a history in Hip Hop. A seasoned stage veteran, The O has blazed stages as far west as Texas, as far north as Manhattan and Detroit, and, as deep south as Miami Florida. Often compared to the self-professed “King of the South” rapper TI.

The O always responds the same way to fans “Thanks for the compliment” and to media “ Its great compliment but we are not alike on the mic or stage, still I am the first ME that’s what I want everyone to remember”. The O has his latest releases online through multiple distribution platforms. The O has been on the Vasky Records as well as Rick Ross Music Group for Five years. Releasing the singles ‘Work’ and ‘Floyd Mayweather’ Through Rick Ross Music Group on the West Coast, The O collaborated with West Coast young up coming producer Kay Brooke. The O partnered with Kay Brooke again when The O released “Want To” on Vasky Records.

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